Four of a Kind

Byrons visited: 5

Since the opening of the Holborn branch in December 2014 where I had become fully up-to-date with 48/48 Byrons visited, there’s been a lull in the opening of new branches. So to fill the void I decided to take my friend Nathan - who had hitherto never visited a Byron - to four of them in one day (this would also beat my previous record of three in a single day).

Aside from visiting every branch I have, for some reason, decided that it’s imperative for me to have also tried every item on the menu. One course I rarely manage make it to is dessert (I blame the courgette fries and the milkshakes) and coincidentally Byron offer four desserts on their menu. The only card in the deck where all four suits are feasible to walk between is the Ace. It was obvious what I had to do.

I'd sold it to Nathan as merely a genial walk from central London to Chiswick, which wasn’t even an outright lie, but by the third Byron (Store Street) where we’d eaten a brownie with ice cream, a blondie with ice cream, and an oreo and brownie sundae, he was pleading with me to let him eat something savoury.

I insisted that his request was completely unreasonable and he was risking our twenty-year friendship just to casually indulge his basic nutritional needs, but I think it was more that it was a reasonably pleasant day, there was a long stroll across Hyde Park before the next restaurant, and that I promised he could have a burger when we reached Chiswick that gave him the courage to stick it through. The proviso, of course, being that we’d also have the knickerbocker glory.